May 19, 2011

mountain safari ♥

My mom and dad took me to the Beartooth Nature Center this last weekend.
It is a wildlife refuge for injured animals or animals that have been around humans and are unable to survive in the wild.
It was awesome! Boy did I see some cool mountain animals!
I saw two mountain lions! Wow one of them snarled at us and was looking me up and down!
I saw rascal the raccoon walking around the top of his home

He was a cutie!
We met a fellow Parker that was a Hawk!
I saw so many animals including 3 bears, some elk, one buffalo, a bobcat (which got my dad pretty excited), and so many more. There was a crane that was talking to us the whole time we were there!
Black Bear
We also stopped by the coolest restaurant ever
The best Casablanca pizza in the country!

I am so big using a fork!

Is was super yummy!
They even had a sign with my name on it! What a wonderful day we had! ♥ I can't wait to go back!

Click to see all of the animals we saw! 

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