Mar 30, 2012

Spring is in the Air ♥

loving the weather
the sun is so bright
parker is almost as tall as mom!
cute kids- so blessed
snuggling a newborn in the sunshine is the best
our silly family wishes you a happy spring!

Mar 28, 2012

baby playdates ♥

the babysitter
play nice now
why hey there

Mar 26, 2012

Music love

I love everything about music
Singing, dancing, and Listening!
"When I grow up I want to be in a rock band like Daddy"- per 2 1/2 year old Parker

Mar 25, 2012

Days in the life

playing video games with dad is not my favorite activity

Big brother trying out my bassinet

and he is trying out my binkie!
he is snoring- did he fall asleep?!
Day Dreaming
rockin my very hungry caterpillar outfit

Mar 23, 2012

Sweet as Rainbows

My smile is the sweetest

the stare down


And we all fall down


Mar 19, 2012

Cabin loves ♥

SMILE for reals : )
Happy St. Patrick's day!
Great Grandma Marmee holding Rylee
4 Generations
Marmee and Parker
GG & Rylee
Aunt Linda, GG, and Uncle Pete

Aunt Linda & Rylee
Learning to fish with Grandpa

I sure can cast pretty well

Ready to catch a big one

Throwing rocks in water is the best!

GG, Grandpa, Rylee & Parker
Mom & Rylee
Sure is cozy in here
Going on an adventure walk
 Thanks for a wonderful getaway to the cabin GG and Grandpa! We had so much fun! ♥

Mar 11, 2012

25 years later

Guess what~ I am wearing the very same outfit that my daddy wore home from the hospital 25 years ago! Back in the day ultrasounds were not available so Grandma Diane got a going home outfit that would work for a boy or girl and she held onto it for all these years. ♥