Aug 31, 2011

due date

 yay for a new little brother or sister in february : )

Aug 30, 2011

the essence of a boy

 yes that is dirt : )

Aug 26, 2011

Look what I found!

Check out these sweet rose colored glasses
haha they make everything look so pretty
I am not quite sure what the words on top mean......
but they make a pretty sweeeet toy!

Aug 23, 2011

♥ Bath Picasso

Love the inventor of bath crayons!  Mini Picasso in the making at bath time : )

Aug 20, 2011

Wedding in the Mountains

My mom and dad were recently in a wedding
the wedding was outside in the Mountains

Check out that waterfall

Me and GG

Grampa and I

I made some friends my own size

the family
Uncle Keith and I pondering life

I figured out that splashing girls is fun!

Poor Avera she got pretty soaked after all the splashing

I enjoyed running through the meadows and forest
Momma and Daddy walking down the Aisle haha again

Check out GG's sweet visor

Congrats Scott and Jaci! What a fun and beautiful wedding!

Aug 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Papa Bill!

Happy Birthday toooo Papa Bill today!!!!!

Aug 16, 2011

Jump Jump Jump Around

Lately I have found it incredibly fun to jump on the beds, couches, chairs etc and so my parents took the matter into their own hands and got me my very own trampoline
Now I am only allowed to jump on the trampoline......but it is AWESOME!
Checking out whats underneath
Jumping sooo high
How do you get down from here?
Like this?
All in all I couldn't be seems my jumping ways have led to pure success as I have acquired a trampoline of my very own!!!! Yay me!

Oh yeah I almost forgot Happy Birthday Momma!

Aug 12, 2011

Giant Beach ball that sprays water.....what could be better?!

Check out my sweet mega sprinkler that Uncle Remus and Aunty Meg got me for my birthday!

Daddy likes to run through it too!

High five!

It sure can shoot out lots of water!

So much fun!

This just may be the sweetest water toy ever! ♥