May 5, 2011

little DIRT monster!

Today I gave my mom a surprise early Mother's day present
In a very loving manner I removed almost all the pesky dirt from her plant and scattered it allll over the house
I think she really appreciated my efforts
I put dirt on her pillows and rug
I tried to reach the TV but could not quite make it so the entertainment center sufficed
I put some on the bathroom rug
And my mom's response you ask?
Well.............she kinda freaked out.
She sure  got out the vacuum really quick maybe she didn't like my surprise
Well I can always think of something else to try tomorrow. : )


  1. Way to go, Parker! Auntie Michelle is VERY proud of you! :)

  2. haha thanks Auntie Michelle I was proud of me tooo!!!! ♥ parker