Dec 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!!!

We wish you merry Christmas and a happy new year!All our love to you! We had a marvelous Christmas !

Dec 8, 2013

Christmas time is here

Puppy !!!

Meet Leila!!!! Our sweet new puppy!!!!!

Rylee tried to put Leila to work as a reindeer- Leila was all for it but not quite strong enough so they got stuck! Much to Rylee's dismay!
She likes our Christmas tree!

We love her!!! Both the kids are doing great with her and really enjoy playing and cuddling with her! 

Dec 1, 2013

The Reef!!!

Parker filled up his star jar with star rocks which means he earned a trip to the Reef!!! He earned his star rocks for good behavior, listening, and following directions! We had a blast! Way to go Buddy!