Jun 29, 2012

Looks like a giant octopus in the sky!

Flying my sweet kite...whoops how come it is on the ground?!
Pretty awesome right!?
got some skills

hope I don't blow away
kite flying is super fun!
Rylee and her friend Elliot hangin out at the park just 3 months apart
where did you get those fingers from?!
holding hands
tummy time!

Jun 26, 2012

Stillwater Cabin Reunion

We had a super fun vacation up to the Stillwater cabin, We saw lots of family, did lots of rafting, hiking, and kayaking. So nice to get away, thank you GG and GC and Aunt Linda and Uncle Pete and Marmee for hosting such a fun reunion! ♥

Jun 24, 2012

We love summer!

Daddy's baby girl

Yum fingers are tasty!
watercolor painting!

Little Picaso

Jun 12, 2012

Days in the life ♥


Playdoh on the picnic table!
Officially 4 months old
Watch out for the Batman- he can kick!
little OWL
Big smile
playing some soccer
Our little rockstar