Aug 30, 2014

Kindergarten! Open House and First Day!!!

Our baby boy started Kindergarten!!!! How crazy is that! We attended an open house where we got to go inside see the classrooms, meet the teachers, and put away school supplies. Two days later we walked Parker to school and watched him line up with his class and walk through the doors. A few tears were shed by mom but dad and Rylee kept it together. Turns out he loved his first day at kindergarten! Yay!

Aug 27, 2014

Pool day!!!

For mommy's birthday we went to Oasis and spent the day playing in the pool! These kids loooovvve water- they are little fishies! Thanks GG for coming with us!!

Aug 10, 2014


 We tried out our own little version of glamping (glamour camping) in the convenience of our beautiful backyard. Hot dogs, s'mores, stories around the fire, and sleeping in a tent were the highlights. Parker fell fast asleep but Miss Rylee decided to be a little party animal and tried to sneak into mommy's sleeping bag, shine her turtle light in all of our faces repeatedly, tickle mom and crawl all over mom, and she tried to tickle Parker awake. She was laughing and smiling the whole time and finally at 1130 pm the games ended when Rylee and Leila had to go inside to fall asleep and mom accompanied. All in all it was a fun and memorable night. We might attempt camping for real next summer?

Aug 7, 2014

Not goodbye... See you later

Two days ago my amazing grandma Marmee left this earth and went to heaven after a beautiful life. I am so happy for her, yet so sad for us who must  walk on without her. I am so blessed to have had such a close relationship with her and I wouldn't trade our moments together for anything. I will always remember her by a phrase she had in her kitchen, " Preach the gospel always, and if necessary use words." She lived this, giving endlessly and generously always radiating Christ's love. She invented unbirthday money so if it was your sibling's birthday you got unbirthday money and wouldn't be left out. She drove me to countless soccer practices and fed me the best grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever had. I will miss her everyday, our long chats over pad thai lunch dates, watching her light up as she played with Parker and Rylee, and her example in her faithful walk with Christ all the days of her life. Love you forever Marmee, I know we will see each other again.