Nov 26, 2014


We got a huge shipment of white fluffy stuff and it was a perfect 30 degrees or so = perfect playing outside in the snow weather!!!

Nov 18, 2014

Life is. Blur.....

Here are the latest highlights
We got a family photo
The kids raid the fridge all. The. Time. Even in the wee hours of the morning
4 blessed years in our sweet home
Ferris wheel rides
Carving pumpkins after Halloween 
Lots of hot chocolate or "coffee" drinking 
First snoooww
We saw the hungry littlecatepillar play- amazing!
Ferris wheels are so much fun
We have a pet dinosaur
Pumpkin excavators
Rawrrrr means I love you in dinosaur
Sweet lil fairy
Lots of hungry hippos
Quality family time right there
Man and his beasty
Ink master extraordinaire 
Grandpa 's "lap dog"
Exceptional dad skills- willingly playing Just dance wth the kids = best dad in the universe 

Wishing you lots of warmth and love on these cold winter days! Xoxo