Dec 27, 2011

Christmas ♥

Merry Christmas! I had a wonderful Christmas! Here are a few snapshots of what went on. I opened tons of presents- I got to see Santa and sit on his lap- I hung out with my family. Thanks so much for all the Christmas wishes and for the awesome presents. I had a blast!

Dec 19, 2011

Little Carpenter

Last week Grandpa Chet taught me how to use a real hammer and pound in real nails! I had a blast- he even got me a Parker-sized hammer! Check out what I made- P for Parker : )

Dec 9, 2011

The Reef

I got to experience the joy of the indoor water park!
I went down my very first water slides and loved it!
I got to hot tub

I wanted to ride the big slides but I am too small : (
I loved the giant bucket of water that periodically dumped tons of water everywhere!

Michael Jordan of water basketball thanks to Daddy
Playing in the water tunnels

Do you see that air?!
Daddy dunked me accidentally  for the first time- boy was that a surprise!

So happy!
Best time ever! Guess who is also 2 years old and 1/2 today!

So sad when we had to go- I hope we come back soon!

Dec 6, 2011


Perfect night for cuddling with daddy by the fire : )
Hope you all are staying warm!

Dec 3, 2011

True dat

For your viewing pleasure press PLAY : )

Dec 1, 2011

Cookie MonsterI

I made sugar cookies for the first time!

Cookie cutters are so fun!

Time to try my masterpiece

First bite!

Oh my goodness it is soooo yummy!

My happy cookie chipmunk face

All gone!

Haha I am totally going to demand cookies for every meal time and snack from this day forward!

Sugar cookies are delicious!