Mar 24, 2014

GG's birthday

GG's birthday was really snowy so we made snowmen and had a snowball fight!

Mar 19, 2014

Life lately

We have had some lovely days over the last few weeks or so. It's the little things that make day to day life so memorable and enjoyable . We tried our hand at fondue and it was deliciously fun! We played constantly ?! ! We went to a Valentine's day party and survived haha! Each day we are closer to spring a sunshine- each day is a blessing! Sending our love to all our family and friends xoxo

"I will Just pretend to read instead of napping"
Perfect day to give those ponies a bath

Jammin out with Leila

First cup of noodles
Cooking up a storm 
Lil ninja 
Playing so nice together 
Rylee's first crab experience for V day


Reading with Marmee
Feeding those babies
Leila's favorite spot
Getting valentines!

V day party!
Rice sensory fun
Darth vader?!

Scrub a dub dub

Balloons : the magic of
No big deal if I eat the whole bag of skittles right?!