Jun 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!!

I had a blast at riverfront park yesterday. I took a nature walk, played with a caterpillar, watched the ducks, blew bubbles and chased them, and had so much fun! The other day I got to play outside in my blowup hippo pool. It was great! I even played some soccer, I almost beat daddy in one vs. one! 
Happy Father's Day!!!!! 
Thanks Daddy for being the best dada ever!!! 
Happy Grandfather's day to Papa Bill & Grandpa Chet! 
Happy Great Grandfather's day to Great Grandpa Mac! 
We love you all and thank you for being GREAT Dads!!!!

Jun 9, 2010


Hooray!!! I am a whole one year old today!!! I am having a birthday party today at the park and am soo excited! Here is a picture of the lion cake my mommy and daddy made for me!

Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate my first birthday! I had a blast!!! Thank you for everything!!!!

Jun 2, 2010

Every Kid NEEDS a Turtle Pool

Happy Early Birthday to our little boy! We can not believe how fast one little year went. We loved every minute of it and are excited to watch you grow even more through another amazing year! Don't be afraid to slow down a little bit! Love, Mom & Dad