Feb 24, 2013

Dance Party with Mr. P

I'm gonna take a picture of you mom

some serious moves right there!

Of course the fun is not complete without a hockey stick guitar!

Feb 21, 2013

Pig Tails!

 Growing up is what this girl is doing in her spare time. First time for pigtails and now she can stand up all by herself with nothing to pull up on! By the way water bottles are pretty tasty!

Feb 19, 2013

Up Up and Away 1 year pictures

 Rylee got to play in her first hot air balloon this week on a particularly lovely day. Can't believe this baby is over a year old!!! <3 br="">

Feb 16, 2013

Last night in Florida

 We went out to SquidLips for dinner our last night in Florida. Such a cool restaurant! Yummy food and live music! So fun!

Feb 12, 2013

Pool Party

We had so much fun hanging out in and by the pool in Florida! We are missing it! Haha Parker told me he wanted help tying Rylee's birthday balloons onto his wrist so he could fly back to Florida yesterday!