Jun 17, 2013

PUPPY!!!!!! Meeting GG and Grandpa's new addition for the first time!


 YAY!!!! We are in love with GG and Grandpa's sweet new puppy- I am not sure if her name is official yet so I won't announce it, but we know for sure she is a keeper!

Jun 15, 2013

backyard Pool party w/ GG

A few weeks ago it was hot enough for a pool party! So much fun!!!

Jun 12, 2013

Birthday PARTY!!!!

lots of little batmans!



showing off a present

another cute lil batman

embarrassed while we sang happy birthday

sweet smile of success
 Jumping on the new trampoline which was a birthday present from GG and Grandpa!

Mr. P had a super fun batman birthday party!!! Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate!!! XOXO