Sep 28, 2012

Swinging away on a beautiful fall day

 Yay for fall and a beautiful fall at that!

Sep 25, 2012

Sneaky peek

So blessed to have these two in our lives- they truly enrich life beyond measure
the fam
sweet baby girl with her pearls
We got some family photos done and so far the photographer has only finished a few teasers- can't wait to see the rest!

Sep 22, 2012

Bobcat LOVE!!!!!

Bobcat family tried and true!!! Go Bobcats!

Sep 20, 2012


 Da nah nah nah da nah nah nah BATMAN!
 No real food for these kids just fake wooden bread : )
 Lesson learned: Never leave a cake unattended with Masta P in the house
 Mommy/daughter matching toesies
Soccer fanatics GO USA!

 Cute lil hoot
 Miss USA
 Squirt Guns
Played out
 Strawberry fields forever!

Wishing you well! ♥

Sep 17, 2012

Next Tiger Woods?

 The next Tiger Woods? well as far as golfing abilities go....
so exciting!

deciding on a plan of attack

cutie wearing dad's hat
trying to shoot the ball into the log

haha when all else fails just pick it up!
In the final hole! where did it go? : (

Sep 15, 2012

Go Bobcats!!!

We are watching the Bobcat game today in person! Gooooo Bobcats!

Sep 12, 2012

Fall days

First swinging experience for Miss Rylee and she loved it- smiled and giggled the whole time!
What a beautiful fall day we had!

Sep 9, 2012

The giant tiger in the sky

Mr. Parker has found a new love in his life and it includes a giant blow-up tiger. Every time we pass Mr. Tiger~ Parker gets so excited, so finally one day we stopped and met him. Parker was scared at first he thought the tiger would "clap him" but the tiger was very friendly and the visit was a success. : )