Jan 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Nana Coey!!!

We helped Nana Coey celebrate her birthday on January 28th!
With a GIANT cupcake that notoriously started an oven FIRE in our new kitchen!!!
Luckily it still tasted pretty good! And no damage was done!

 Nana Coey and Papa Bill reading to me while I show off my gorilla moves
Taking time to smell the flowers
Flowers are fun to sniff
My sniffing face
Flowers feel silly
Hehe more sniffing the flowers
I got to pet Lily a few times when she let me
Lily is a cutie
I love Eric Carle books like The Grouchy Ladybug and The Very Hungry Catepiller
I also love when books are read to me!
Thanks for visiting us Nana Coey and Papa Bill!!!! We had sooo much fun seeing you, now my daddy can get big and buff with the weight set you guys brought down!!! Thanks so much!
 Hope to see you guys again soon!

Jan 27, 2011

Spiderman in training

Spiderman likes to munch on graham crackers when he is not out battling evil villains
 Spiderman does not quite know how to shoot his web yet, flying lessons will have to do
Spiderman attacks every villain he sees, especially evil oranges
Crawling up walls and hanging from ceilings takes a lot of energy
Even Spiderman gets tired eventually... sweet dreams Spiderman

Jan 24, 2011

Second Cousins

Yes the rumors are true, I still droool a teeny tiny bit as evidenced by these snap shots.  But........it's ok cause I got to play with my second cousin Brynlee which was sooo much fun! We are super cute!

Jan 21, 2011

Squeaky Clean

The simple joys of a nice warm bath with lots of squeaky toys = one of the best parts of my day ♥

Jan 19, 2011

Reflection: Home Sweet Home- 2.5 months after closing

 Living room before......

Some of the steps to the transformation
Bryan and his dad Bill sanded the floors for two days!
Kitchen Before.......

We had so much help!
Master Bedroom Before....
 Diane lent moral support with her bum foot!
Parker's room before......
Office before.....
 Pink bathroom before.....
It had pink wallpaper, pink tile, pink carpet, pink toliet, pink tub, pink sink, pink counter...you get the picture

The process
Wallpaper removal specialists
Tile EXterminator

Front Entrance Before.....

We are so so blessed to have a home of our own. We can never thank all the people who helped us with all of our home improvement projects! Thanks so much dad and mom for the expertise, guidance, and HELP! Thanks so much Papa Bill for coming down for days and days to help us paint, refinish the wood floors, take off wall paper everything! Thanks so much Marmee for watching Parker and playing with Parker all of those days! Thanks to our friends who gave up their nights off to help us take down wallpaper and wash walls! Thank you Michael for helping us move and dad for letting us use your truck! Even though I might have almost hit another car! Whoops! : ) We love you all thanks so much!!!!!