Mar 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter~ Friends and Family!!!
So Thankful for this day and what it means for us!
Jesus died for our sins but death could not defeat him~
 He is Risen!!!

Mar 29, 2013

Duck Heaven

We ventured down to duck heaven and fed some starving little duckies. Haha P and R loved every minute of it ,but some of the "duck bread" (really old heels and stuff that have been frozen) got eaten by these crazy munchkins much to the ducks dismay haha. much love duckies xoxo P and R

Mar 26, 2013

hanging out


Hangin out with GG and Grandpa is always a good time! minus grandpas's yucky griz sweatshirt!

Mar 22, 2013


 Rylee got to hang out with her second cousin Elliot! They were on the move the whole time so it was a tad bit difficult to capture decent photos- but it was fun to see Elliot and his parents! Yay!

Mar 19, 2013

Overnight Get Away

We had a fun time away from home this last weekend, we hung out with Daddy's family, played in a hot tub, went to a sweet museum and hung out in mom and dad's old college town. Fun times

Mar 15, 2013

Who's in charge here?!?

Got my bangs trimmed by mom! she is scary with scissors!
who invented blue suckers anyways?
Pig tails
love pretty headbands for pretty girls
relaxin by the fire
Parker's latest art work
cookin in the kitchen
ridin in my carseat
she loves to do laundry.....HIRED!
raw talent
ridin' dirty
watch out she is a CRAZY driver!
best new game ever- big brother gives lil sister rides!

Oh wait this is actually the best new game ever- and it is tasty too toilet paper dipped in toilet water~ delicious! on another note my mom may need medication sooooon!

sweet when he holds still occasionally
her favorite past-time flush....flush ....flush
As you can see the kids are clearly winning this month......