Apr 12, 2012

Tribute to the Greatest Dog

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our loving and faithful best friend Elly
Elly always knew just what you needed- if you were sad or not feeling well she always knew exactly how to comfort you

She took a little while to warm up to Parker but once she did- there was nothing she would not do for him
First sniffs- what is this crazy baby?
Elly always knew how to bring a smile to your face
letting Parker investigate her

a bone was an easy way to make Elly happy

always at the ready to "clean" up any food related messes- Parker became her favorite for the messes he made

always ready to run and enjoy the day- dog sled racing anybody?
Marmee and Elly had a special connection
so happy to be outside playing
occasionally she would look at the camera
she seemed to enjoy fireworks

if you had a stick and a throwing arm = instant friends
the best soccer playing dog you will ever meet

playing with Parker
always at the front of the raft ready for some river rapids

always on a quest for the biggest stick

Elly lived life to the fullest and was an excellent reminder to slow down and enjoy every minute

meeting Rylee
Elly we will always love you. Thanks for being the best dog for our family! Enjoy the crystal blue waters, grassy fields, and sunshine up above! ♥

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