Apr 18, 2012

Easter fun!

Check out this silly bunny
Slept through my first Easter egg hunt
Huntin for some Easter eggs
Little dinosaur boy- where are all the eggs?

Grandpa and Rylee helping dye eggs
Dying eggs is so awesome!
I could do this for hours
Rylee's Easter hat
On a backyard egg hunt
Found one!
Grandpa sure finds hard hiding places for eggs!

pure joy
I could be a professional egg hunter

Rylee watching Parker hunt eggs
I think I found them all!
I got to find glow in the dark Easter eggs in Marmee's dark basement

Check out what the Easter bunny brought me a DINOSAUR!
so happy!
Uh oh the Dinosaur is eating Rylee!!!
We visited Grandma Diane who had to work
Check out my cute Parker sized "wine" (juice) glass
Great Grandma Marmee & Rylee
Miss Rylee
Nerf guns are awesome fun!
Smiling at GG
Hope you all had a lovely Easter- we sure did!
He is Risen!!! ♥

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