Feb 8, 2012

First few hours

 First bath!
 Nurse Tina washing my hair
 I like getting my hair washed
 All Clean!
 Thanks Tina for cleaning me up
 My hearing test
 I look like a matrix baby but I passed- I can hear!

 Look at my cute outfit that the nurses dressed me up in

 Worn out- it has been a big day!
 Half smile
 Cuddling with Daddy
 Parker meeting me
 Parker likes me

 Look at how my big brother holds me
 GG and I

 Grandma Diane and I
 Grandpa Chet and I

 Parker decked out with his big brother stickers
 My eyes are open for a second!
 Great Grandma Marmee and I

Stay tuned- many more pictures to come : )

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