Jan 29, 2015

January highlights!

January highlights: we went to great falls and visited Papa Bill, Nana Coey and Uncle Sam! 
Rylee and her friend got to play with a chocolate lab puppy!
I want one!!!!!
Her hands say 5 but soon she will be 3!!
Parker loves building with his knex!
Lucky eggs was a huge hit at Howards Pizza in Great Falls!
What's better than an indoor trampoline park?!
What momma you didn't order me a milkshake?!
Faster than lightening and my camera!
Thanks for the quarters Papa Bill!
Great falls has cocoa puffs!
Rope swing for Spider-Man!
Just call me Princess Leia 
Pillow mountains!
Too cute!
Snowman pancakes!
Fight bedtime ALWAYS!
First personal pickle barrel sandwich for Parker! He is a huge fan!
Pizza Chef extraordinare

Just keep cuddlin and soon it will be spring! We can't wait! Also happy birthday Nana Coey! We love you !

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