Oct 24, 2012


Too sad/cool for shades
Funny moment I found of Parker's first home haircut by daddy
Mullet power!
good thing he let dad cut more off!
No more studying please!
happy kid now
no babies were hurt during the capturing of this photo
loves her binkie
definitely too cool for shades
new winter hat!
haha maybe another hat for when I am bigger!
classic Rylee expression
 rocking  mom's shoes
checking out fall
prettiest bloom in our yard
first fire
little gnome hangin with GG
Sorry about the lapse in time without posting. We have been attacked by numerous viruses this October and it has been a rough couple of weeks! Thankfully we are all on the mend and will hopefully be able to avoid all those other crazy viruses for the rest of the winter?!? Hopefully! Wishing you all lots of health and love!!! XOXO

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