Jun 22, 2011

Cabin ♥

the beautiful river
Me and G.G.

Running in the fields

Playing on the gigantic rock

yep I stuffed a whole marshmallow in my mouth

Mom and me

throwing rocks in the river is soo entertaining

picking grass


playing in the meadow

I sat still long enough for someone to hold me~ it was a miracle~!

Marmee and I
checking out Uncle Keith's tent

pretty flowers

the three musketeers

taking a break

This last week we spent some time up at the cabin~! The days were full of running in the meadows, throwing rocks in the river, watching the campfire, roasting marshmallows, rafting, fishing, hiking, and hanging with the family!I had a blast! Haha I even got to stay up until 10 pm most nights - it was heaven! 
Can't wait to go back! ♥

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