Feb 17, 2011

I Like......

I like to smile
I like to play with my drill
I like to sit on my bean bag
I like to look cute
I like to wrestle
I like to read
I like to hide under things
I like to be found
I like to ride my horse
I like to get bucked off

 I like to wear my mom's shoes
Walking is definitely more of a challenge with big people shoes
I like kisses!
I like climbing into containers
 Reading on the potty is fun
I like to pretend to be big and go on the potty but right now it is just for fun, I am not ready for that dirty business already! Who do you think I am? SUPER-Baby?

Just some things I like to do lately ♥

1 comment:

  1. Dear Parker,

    I hear you are taking after me... projectile puking at such a young age is most impressive.